About YOSHIKEN - Work and Construction

YOSHIKEN serves the construction of new homes, reforms, renovation and other services related to
construction, with 3 major differentials.
Our motto is "We serve with the best in technology, price and performance".
We work hard to be a company close to local customers, providing various supports in construction!
We also serve small projects. Feel free to talk to us.
From small to large orders, we will assist with our 100% know-how!

  • 技術ヨシ
  • 価格ヨシ
  • 手際ヨシ

Message from representative

I've been on this planet for over 30 years. Just as technology and family values change over time, we must constantly modify our homes, which are the “vessels” in which we live, to make it a peaceful source of life. If we can help a little with this construction, there is nothing I can be more proud of as a bearer of this technology. "Who should I ask?" "Is it okay to be a small work?" Come talk to us about anything related to work and construction. Yugen Gaisha Yoshikenchiku Kogyo
Ota Atsushi


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